Brainwaves A to Z – the “K” show – bands and songs starting with the letter “K”

Brainwaves A to Z reaches the “K”s this week with 2 hours of eclectic alternative indie K music. First up, “K” bands like Kishi Bashi, Kate Bush, Katrina and the Waves, Klaatu, Kaveret , Keane, Kaleo, Kurt Vile, the Kopters and the Kooks. Then some “K” songs from Queen, Arcade Fire, Passenger, American Music Club and Deaf School. Finishing up with a “klassic” from Kook and the Gang.

Band Song
Kishi Bashi Evalyn, Summer has Arrived
KD Lang Constant Craving
K’s Choice I Wanna Get Lost
Kacey Musgraves Cup of Tea
Kate Bush Babooshka
Kate Nash Merry Happy
Katrina and the Waves The Game of Love
Katy Perry Not Like the Movies
Kaveret By Day and by Night
Kaleo All the Pretty Girls
Keane Your Eyes Open
Keira Knightley Coming up Roses (soundtrack: Begin Again)
Ken Stringfellow Uniforms
Keren Ann Sur le Fil
Kevin Drew TBTF
Kevin Gilbert Walk Away
Klaatu Loneliest of Creatures
Kincade Dreams are Ten a Penny
Kurt Vile and the Violators Box of Rain (cover: Grateful Dead)
Korin Alal Because it’s Deep
The Kopters Sunnyside
The Kooks Young Folks (cover: Peter John & Bjorn)
Kodaline Latch
Queen Keep Yourself Alive
Arcade Fire Keep the Car Running
American Music Club Keep Me Around
Passenger Keep on Walking
Tea Leaf Green Keeping the Faith
Matt Nathanson Kept
Ben Howard Keep Your Head Up
Deaf School Knock, Knock, Knocking
Kool and the Gang Get Down On it

Author: Brian Blum

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